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Nairobi is the capital and largest city of Kenya. The city and its surrounding area also form the Nairobi County. The name "Nairobi" comes from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nyrobi, which translates to "cold water". The phrase is also the Maasai name of the Nairobi river, which in turn lent its name to the city. However, it is popularly known as the "Green City in the Sun"=

Nairobi is the one of the few cities in the world with a national park within its boundaries, making it a prime tourist destination as well, with several other tourist attractions. The most famous is the Nairobi National Park. The national park is unique in being the only game-reserve of this nature to border a capital city, or any major city. The park contains many animals including lions, giraffes, and black rhinos. The park is home to over 400 species of birds. The Nairobi Safari Walk is a major attraction to the Nairobi National Park as it offers a rare on-foot experience of the animals

Nairobi National Park
0700hrs: Pick up from hotel

0745hrs: Arrive at the Nairobi National Park for the game drive.

0745hrs: 1100hrs: After the game drive spend some time at the Safari Walk.

1200hrs:  Lunch at carnivore restaurant.

1400hrs: Proceed to the Giraffe Manor

1800hrs: Tour guide will then drop you off at Nyama Choma Ranch at Safari Park Hotel Naorbi for Dinner Here, charcoal barbequed meat is prepared in the true African way and your choice of meat will expertly be carved onto your sizzling plate until you say stop. A wide selection of vegetarian dishes, salads and desserts is also available. The fabulous "Safari Park Cats" entertain you as you dine and watch their unique and tantalizing blend of African/Western cabaret all combined with Mount Kilimanjaro background stage that leaves you with an African feeling.
2000hrs: Tour guide will then drop you off at your hotel



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