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Coast : : Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park
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The marine park is located on the south coast, 40km from Ukunda town in Msambeni District of coast province.  The ecosystem covers a marine area with four small islands surrounded by coral-reef. Kisite island is covered in low grass and herbs while Mpunguti Islands have dense coastal equatorial forest. Sea grasses Cymodocea serrulata and Syringodium isoetifolium cover a large area of the sub-littoral zone of the reef. Marine algae include Padina commersonii, Dictyota bartayresiana, Bostrychia binderi, Ulva lactuca, Dictyosphaora sp., Udotea indica, and Halimeda opuntia. Major attractions include the Dolphins, coral gardens and it is an important site for snorkelling, diving and bird watching. The beautiful sandy beach is good for  enviromental friendly recreational activities.


  • Snorkeling
  • Sunbathing
  • Recreational activities that are enviromentally friendly 
  • Licenced filming
  • Bird watching
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Diving




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